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Posted by Carrie Miller on 29 August 2016 03:00 PM

New Visual Visitor Feature Release

Over the past few months one of the most popular feature requests we have received is the ability to have more control over which companies are considered Businesses versus ISPs.  We are both happy and excited to announce our newest feature addition: the “Filter Companies” option.  This document will review the product enhancements, answer common questions and provide a preliminary release timeline. 

This change was deployed the weekend of August 26th, 2016.

Product Enhancement

Filter Companies

By filtering companies, you are assisting the system in delivering the exact data you need. This area will allow you to...

  1. Mark companies as ISPs so they will not appear by default in dashboards, reporting and notifications
  2. Mark businesses that show as ISPs as businesses so that they do appear by default in dashboards, reporting, and notifications.

The system will allow you to perform these matches based on exact or contains matching. For exact matching (the safest option), the company name must match your request exactly. For contains matching, the system will match any company name that contains the phrase you input.  Contains matching should be used carefully, as it can have unintended results.

*The system can take up to 24 hours from the time of the entries to perform all of the modifications


Frequently Asked Questions

When will this feature be released?
This feature was deployed the weekend of August 26th
Do I need to do anything for this change?
Yes.  Please become familiar with the new feature and contact our support team with any additional questions.  The video based tutorials can assist with this task.  
Will there be a price increase for these improvements?
We do not currently have plans to increase our pricing to our customers. 

At Visual Visitor have learned a lot from our customer feedback this year. As leaders in your industries, your innovation is both groundbreaking and wave-making and we look forward to your future feature requests and product improvement ideas.

We hope that our tools and feature sets have improved the way you do business.  Please do not forget to take advantage of our Blog which includes a variety of tips, tricks, and news to help grow your business and utilize the Visual Visitor product.


The Team at Visual Visitor

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New Visual Visitor User Interface Going Live!
Posted by Carrie Miller on 15 April 2016 08:54 PM

New Visual Visitor User Interface!

It’s with great excitement that we are announcing the upcoming release of Visual Visitor's new user interface.  Our team has been busy of over the last several months working on this latest release of Visual Visitor which includes not only a new, modern interface, but expanded features as well!  This document will review these product enhancements, answer common questions, and provide a preliminary release timeline.   Please use this information to communicate these changes and to familiarize yourself and your staff with these changes.


Updated Look and Feel

You asked and we listened.  One of the most common feature requests from our resellers has been to have a more up-to-date look and feel for the interface. Not only does the new interface have a new look and feel, but it has been built using a responsive design to ensure a consistent application experience over a wide range of devices.


New Integrated Video Tutorials

Harnessing the power of Visual Visitor has never been easier with a video based tutorial for virtually every page of the Visual Visitor application.  This will assist in team education and will help to keep your support requirements to a minimum.

New Email Campaign Link Builder

Email Campaign integration with Visual Visitor just got a lot easier.  For those of you who have used our email campaign integration, Identify ANYONE, in the past, you know how powerful a feature it is.  In order to open this feature up and make it easier to use, we have added the “Link Builder” to automatically configure the URLs needed to insert into your email campaign.  The Link Builder has common platforms available such as ConstantContact and MailChimp.  In addition, the video based tutorial will walk you through how the integration works with these products.

New Email Campaign Dashboard

As the power of our Email Campaign feature, Identify ANYONE,  has become more widely used, many have expressed an interest in receiving additional insight into their email campaign integration.  We now have a dashboard that will allow you to see your Email Campaign effectiveness as well as the number of return email tagged visitors.  The detail area of the dashboard shows the email address and the number of pages viewed by each with a convenient export to excel or clipboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the interface become available for a preview?

  • You can access the interface at any time by going to
  • Please remember, this is production data.  Any change you make to your account in the new interface will impact your current account.

When will the interface be released?

  • We are scheduled to release the interface this weekend, April 16th and April 17th. This means we will be working the weekend to migrate the system.  The actual transition could take place any time between Saturday April 16th and Sunday April 17th

What browsers will the new interface support?

  • We have moved to a more modern toolset which means we will only support more modern browsers.  This should not be a problem for most as it means anything equal to or new than Internet Explorer 9 should be fine.  As a point of reference, IE9 was released in March of 2011.



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We have been hard at work on the VisualVisitor platform.  While we roll out small updates without announcements, this one is a biggie!  Many of you have been asking for this feature for a long time. 

This weekend (October 5th) we will be upgrading the system with some exciting new features.  These new features do NOT change the price, but they do create revenue opportunities for you as a reseller.

Ok, so what is the new feature?

1)      First we added "tagging".  You now are able to add contact details to your contacts.  When the contact returns you will see your 'tag' updates in your alerts.

...drum roll....

2)      Second, we added the ability to track email.   {crickets}    Let me rephrase that…  Now you can identify ANYONE.      Whoa, so what does that mean?


You already understand that Visual Visitor currently only identifies business visitors.  But now, we can identify ANYONE that you can get to click on a link (a link in a newsletter, personal email, anything).  Once they click on the link, they have been Tagged.     Now, anytime they return to your website (without clicking on the link again) you will be alerted – by name! 

The alert will read:   “Good news! Prospect - - is on your website”

This means you know EXACTLY who the visitor is, not just the company!   {Applause}

  • Integrates with any email provider
  • Works with not just businesses, but consumers as well!
  • Know EXACTLY who the visitor – get alerted by prospect name
  • Create as many tracking campaigns as you like
  • It’s really easy to use

Ideas for Uses:

  • Combine with your email system and market as a lead nurturing solution.
  • Use for sales when sending out any correspondence.  Once a prospect has been Tagged, you get alerts every time they visit your site.
  • Give every salesperson their own Campaign and track all your email correspondence.
  • Manage for your customers – generating a new revenue streams for your business
  • Combine with a retargeting campaign for even more ROI


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get this feature?

Everyone is will automatically get this feature this weekend (October 5, 2013).

Who will have access to these new features?

Everyone will get these features.   Resellers and End Customers.

Is there any extra cost for these features?

Same low price.  More great features.

Why aren’t you charging more?  What’s the catch?

‘Cause we love you guys!  …. Well, ok we love creating great software J    Spread the word and help us change an industry.

How do I use this feature?

We have attached a PDF with detailed instructions.  Of course if you need additional help, our support team is always here to help.  As a reminder, our support site is


Enjoy the new feature.  We have several other very unique features coming in the next few months!


All the best,


The Team At VisualVisitor

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New Feature Alert! You asked for it, you got it!
Posted by Rick Batchelor on 01 May 2013 12:53 PM

Free Form Exclude Function for Alerts


We get a lot of visitors from colleges and universities, which are all job/internship seekers and not our target traffic.  Is it possible to simply exclude visitors with with the word "college" or "university" from our notifications?

In other words, do you have a 'free form' exclude function for alerts?



Yes we do.  It is available under "Lead Handling -> Watch/Exclude Rules".  You can now add entries to watch or exclude if the company name contains the phrase, such as university or college.

Please keep in mind that each User profile is independent, you will need to add this to each User.

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Integrate our data with any system you like!
Posted by Rick Batchelor on 28 October 2012 12:00 PM

HTTP Postback Notifications  ( per user, available to all users)


Where to find:

Users -> new or modify user -> advanced settings


What this is useful for:

Useful for integrating with other systems.  Instead of sending an email alert, a http post is sent with the following fields:

  • method   
  • c_visitor_company_id
  • c_visitor_visitor_id
  • c_visitor_first_visit
  • c_visitor_session_id
  • c_visitor_company_name
  • c_visitor_company_city
  • c_visitor_company_state
  • c_visitor_company_zip
  • c_visitor_company_country
  • c_visitor_company_domain
  • c_visitor_referer
  • c_visitor_search_term
  • c_visitor_first_page
  • c_visitor_time_date
  • c_visitor_current_page_request_count

Everyone including private label resellers can integrate our data with their CRM, lead tracking or custom system.

Note:  Basic custom development knowledge required.  Your system will need to be able to accept an HTTP post.


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